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August, 2006 Monthly archive

I went to a Satsang a few weeks ago conducted by Peter Brown.  He sits and talks and I listen (along with a few other fools) and we have our minds reconfigured to a reality which is easily forgotten. 

This Peter reminded us that all language is a model, a map, and is therefore innacurate.  This illuminated that there is only one word.  Really, just one?  Yes, I see though, as a species we make these maps in order to accomodate the fear we have of not understanding what the fuck is happening before our eyes and the result is a language, and a disassociation for the mess around me.  I consider myself somehow seperate from it, and so I need a word to describe myself (me, Monica) and everything else (that, stuff).  But yes, one word living is the simplicist, free fall living you can do.  I see what this Peter means.

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