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February, 2007 Monthly archive

My 29th birthday has now lived, and passed.

I claimed my "birthday week", as a friend reminded me I could.  It didn’t entail much other than my own inner declaration of it being my "birthday week".  The night before my birthday was meant to involve going to the grocery store and buying mass quantities of cabbage, and cheese, and other delicacies for the feast the following day.  Oooh that olive bar came out of nowhere though and before we knew it we were tallying up a bill all near $200.  My new favorite love, Michael, my roommate, was my partner in grocery crime and we danced around the whole fooded place and even made friends with the cashier whose birthday was also the next day.  Feb 15 for the win.

There is a lot to celebrate about being alive.  When I’m dead I may be singing another song, but for now, it’s right on.  Age brings a frisk to things and it really feels good to get to know myself more.  When the day finally arrived on a warm Berkeley Thursday, it was a very calm and peacful day.  I spent the morning working in my jammies in my home-office beside my bed, and then hit the road on the new bicycle that I’m thoroughly add-icted-to.  Around tea time friends and roommates started gathering in the kitchen and we cooked the beef.  The beef.  The beef.  It still smells like beef.  Go beef. 

Check out the photos on the photo page.  There aren’t photos of everyone, but a good chunk of smiley, special attendees.  View photos, Click me.

Thanks for coming.  I can’t explain how empowering it is to have such merry/alive/kind friends.



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