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November, 2007 Monthly archive

Ok, it’s been done before. A kazillion million times done before. The recitation of wisdom found on a public restroom wall. But it’s fun to find your favorite quote.


Thank you, whoever you are who wrote this.

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It lasted about 3 stops and
then some loud folks came in.
 But for ten minutes, I was
the only person in the world.

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Very stormy day, save the sweet bouquet of rocks received. Nowhere to turn but in or up. Flinched, wrecked, eschewed, wept. Humphed, then whined. And remembered this in moments …

"And again, the best of your efforts will be met, just like any sailor’s efforts will be met, by clear days and by stormy days. And some days, they’re just going to kill ya. And it doesn’t matter how good you’re doing. But a good sailor knows that, respects that, is prepared for that … maintains humor, courage, love, in the face of those storms. If he’s going to die, at least he’s going to die doing his mission. He’s going to die giving it everything. There’s no other way to die, really."
— DD

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I built my professional website in 2003. That hocky thing?! It’s true. No matter how many times Malloy makes fun of my "cocktail of a website" intro, that’s MY ol’ sharp shooter, and she’s gone done brung me a buncha’ business. Hold it, though. How about this? Except for the resume page, I haven’t updated it once since the day I published. I’m somewhat proud of that bit of trivia. Juxtaposed against my new nearly daily blogging lifestyle, I’m surprised Wire Magazine hasn’t called yet to set up an interview to ask me how I do it. I mean, to leave something as is in this carbon nanotube digital update-fest world, well, just call me Captain Danger.

So, tonight I had a grand surprise. One Louis Danziger, listed on my archaic 2003 website as one of my "Favorite Graphic Designers" of all time (it’s true), emailed me to say hello. Up and out of the red, white, and blue! This famed Danziger who has had shows at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Library of Congress, the Los Angeles Museum of Art … this very remarkable artist saw himself mentioned on my website and sent me a chatty mail of introductions and to thank me for my nice praise. Now, that’s alright! That’s pretty good. Yeah. I don’t know what’s next for me and Louis. Maybe nothing more, but the good pulp is, you never know what’s going to happen. Do your thing, and come forth what will.

"And, spite of Pride, in erring Reason’s spite,
One truth is clear, WHATEVER IS, IS RIGHT."
  ~ Alexander Pope

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It’s getting dark at what seems like 3pm since Sunday’s big "here’s an extra hour" tradition, and for that reason my neighborhood runs and walks are happening earlier. But because of the forced savoring of earlier light, it also seems appropriate to be savoring the darkness that remains from the Halloween celebrations of my neighbors. This idea, mixed with my general growing appreciation of junk, garbage, seconds, leftovers and the beautiful art of demise, has made for a gruesome photo shoot. And although we don’t talk about it often, we all know this dream is going to end in death; so, let us rejoice in it … one pumpkin at a time!

A week later is the perfect time to capture the complex life of a Jack-o’-lantern. Although most neighbors rush quick to remove their icons of Hallow’s Eve on Novemeber 1st, some folks like to leave that shit out and let it rot on the porch. What I’m beginning to understand is that a week after the fact is when we start to touch on the truth behind Halloween. This day is a testament to our fated disintegration. You’ll see, some of them aren’t in terrible shape; as in life I suppose, some things fall apart gracefully. Most of these shots are of the once appreciated slowly rolling toward burial. They resemble old Vegas lounge singers after hours: smeared makeup and tiresome mold from too much partying. While a few manage an air of dignity: old books with split apart and stringy spines, still worth a few good reads.

How beautiful decay can be. It’s as if these pumpkins mean to ask, "How are YOU dying today?" Quite well, thanks. Blessings to you, my friends! May you live and die well today, and enjoy!




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Just had to get something up that wasn’t that mud mask pic. A visit to my favorite optometrist is flying into my day in about 5 minutes, so more coming later … For now, my recent list of items to google:

  1. The space elevator
  2. Oprah’s "vayjayjay" phenomenon
  3. What’s a carbon nanotube?
  4. Zionism vs. Judaism: What’s the difference?
  5. San Francisco’s Green Treasure Island Development. I’m not sold just yet.
  6. Is it possible to clean up a superfund site? Yes, apparently.
  7. Anyone want to go to Kentucky with me to learn how to dry stone wall? I’m serious.
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Hello, from behind this mud mask. I’m finding breaks in whatever ways I can tonight. What better way to do that than with a Dead Sea facial salve? Answer me that, o’ thesis review board.


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