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January, 2008 Monthly archive

What if I were turned on by seemingly innocent words such as
    "scumble," "pinky,"

or "extrapolate?"

What if I maneuvered conversation in the hope that others would
    pronounce these words?

Perhaps the excitement would come from the way the other person
    touched them lightly and carelessly with his tongue.

What if "of" were such a hot button?

"Scumble of bushes."

What if there were a hidden pleasure
in calling one thing
by another’s name?

— from "Scumble" by Rae Armantrout

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REMINDER: all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies tomorrow, January 31, 2008. You will start to receive sale calls and those precious minutes will flutter away like parmesan in a breeze. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS.

To prevent this, register your number with the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL Registry by calling 888-382-1222 from your cell phone. You can also register at www.donotcall.gov. I called; it took only a minute. I learned that this initiative is a joint effort of the California Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. Rock n roll.

(This momversation has been brought to you by my Mom who just sent me the above reminder, sans parmesan bit. Many thanks to B-MFO for the superb inspiration of new Mom "conversation" lingo.)

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There were indeed a few things that were suspect about these tennis courts. There was a wooden sign (not shown) mentioning "light tokens" for all your evening tennis matches, and another sign warning about the illegality of playing after dark. No lights could be found.

Good news from the north wind, I just received word that one of my stone sculpture designs has earned a spot at a new community garden in Fruitvale to be erected in late 2008. Schematics coming soon. Details coming soon. I will absolutely insist that OG’s be allowed at that community garden.

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The White Room

The obvious is difficult
To prove. Many prefer
The hidden. I did, too.
I listened to the trees.

They had a secret
Which they were about to
Make known to me–
And then didn’t.

Summer came. Each tree
On my street had its own
Scheherazade. My nights
Were a part of their wild

Storytelling. We were
Entering dark houses,
Always more dark houses,
Hushed and abandoned.

There was someone with eyes closed
On the upper floors.
The fear of it, and the wonder,
Kept me sleepless.

The truth is bald and cold,
Said the woman
Who always wore white.
She didn’t leave her room.

The sun pointed to one or two
Things that had survived
The long night intact.
The simplest things,

Difficult in their obviousness.
They made no noise.
It was the kind of day
People described as "perfect."

Gods disguising themselves
As black hairpins, a hand-mirror,
A comb with a tooth missing?
No! That wasn’t it.

Just things as they are,
Unblinking, lying mute
In that bright light–
And the trees waiting for the night.

–Charles Simic

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Five sisters. (at the moma)

My misty partner in a spotlight of sprinkling water. (at the moma)

The tunnel. I nicknamed this one, "Use the force, Luke." (at the moma)

Sans-serif and serif are finally friends. (And imho, they create great depth together.) Redemption, Helvetica! (also at the moma)

I object; this newspaper was not overlooked today.

"So much beauty it’ll make ya’ cry…."

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Walgreen’s, circa mid-January, 2008.

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The windows look better with rain on them. My car looks cleaner in the rain. The blue tarp in the neighbor’s yard looks stronger wet with rain. The rain is ruling. Sun Kil Moon is a band ahead of its time. They are the quintessential rain band. Yes, even more than The Cranberries. It’s their methods that set Sun Kil Moon apart. They deconstruct handfuls of Issac Brock-penned Modest Mouse songs, leaving only the lyrics in tact. New chords, arrangements and melodies. The result shows that behind Modest Mouse’s hard chords and on-stage antics, a more tender take on their music can accentuate that Brock is a tremendous poet of great depth and talent.

Song: Neverending Math Equation
Sun Kil Moon version plays first, Modest Mouse version is second:

Song: Tiny City Made Of Ashes
Sun Kil Moon version plays first, Modest Mouse version is second:

K, I promise I won’t wane on with tinier, more eloquent ways to say the rain rules. I like the rain. You get it.

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