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July, 2008 Monthly archive

This poem is the reason I have returned to the blog. It would, of course, only be a strike that would come from a poem. Linh Dinh. This guy puts the “man” in “the man.” He’s the man.

A Hardworking Peasant From The Idyllic Countryside

I was illiterate until yesterday. All these squiggly lines ā€” tattooed
on every available surface, all around me, all my life ā€” suddenly
started to make sense yesterday. Until yesterday I did not know that
the invectives and commands constantly swarming around me were actually
made of words. I thought they were mosquitoes, or dust, or flecks of
paint, each one leaving a prickling sensation on my thin, almost
transparent skin. Yesterday someone said something in my vicinity and I
finally decided to write it down, a phonetic transcription, to the best

I wrote that down with a blue pen on a yellow piece of paper. I finally
wrote, I thought, now Iā€™m a writer. If I had merely transcribed the
above as a blue thought onto my yellow memory, I would still be seen as
a hardworking peasant from the idyllic countryside.

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