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August, 2008 Monthly archive

I prefer to believe in, rather than not believe in. There’s no difference really, but believing in makes me happy and seems to be my way.

That was my disclaimer (read: alibi) for posting a horoscope of mine that Rob Brezsny, famed astrologer from freewillastrology.com recently sent me via listserv. I prefer more individual astrology, just about me and my b’niss, that doesn’t lump me in with all the other Jan/Feb birthdays, but this does pretty good.

In this version of me, I’ve booted a demon to the curb, dissolved some karmic debt, and eliminated an “outdated psychosexual imprint.” (Please ignore this last part. Thx!)

Here’s this week.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Thanks for the entertainment you’ve provided so far in 2008, Aquarius. Since last January, you have sent a nagging demon packing and corrected a kink in your integrity. You’ve paid off a load of karmic debt left over from the old days and have even begun to dissolve an outdated psychosexual imprint. Before I announce your reward for all this good work, though, I’d like you to make more progress on tempering your obsessive side. See what you can do to convert it from a part-time liability into a full-time asset.

I’m pondering my obsessions. There are so many, it’s hard to choose.

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The heat is on. I’ve stopped signing my emails “Best (comma) Monica.” And you should too. Because it’s lame, vague, and exhausted. In fact, it may be at the core of a plague of overly-used internet euphemisms responsible for the slow root rot of the Letter (now, the Email). Most importantly, “Best (comma)” keeps you from needing to make a decision about exactly what you are besting, and about exactly who you are to yourself and the world.

This was really a conversation started by E. over a year ago and after Obama’s 17,000,000 strong army of supprters, I’d like to see this movement really take off. I elect you the bastion of its message. And no, you
won’t read about this on digg, technorati, or mixx just yet.
It’s so subtle and secret, only a few locals are on it. So spread it, kids. Save the world. Don’t write “Best (comma)” anymore.

Risk ditching that professional necktie in lieu of smiles and laughter. Here are a few alternatives to get started.

Right here for ya,
Best wishes your way,
Not going to stop it,
Can’t get enough,
Not best but better,
… got alternatives to add? Let us have it. Post it in the comments.

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My Mom goes to Iceland and turns into Bjork in front of a waterfall. Look at her, all in white, hands high. Cutie!

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All my offerings are little more than decoration
If through them my demons are not set free.

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