— this is really happening

June, 2016 Monthly archive

Should you find yourself wandering,
first stop in to my house, one in
from the corner, because I can give
you tips about the neighborhood.
The kind you’d want,
not crappy tips.
For example, on the north sidewalk
past the Chinese church
at about 5:30/45,
the petite sedan,
color of fading silt,
has parked for the night.
Its seat covers will demand your attention.
An imposition will be upon you:
the notion you are in Hawaii.
The afternoon sun against your back
as you switch the grocery bag to your other hand
is another invitation
to you from the day,
from the ocean you cannot see,
to return to your once-aquatic life
to anguish the beautiful memory of
bubbles swept across your chest
on tiny currents after
your hundredth dive.
And, by 6:30, the street is usually empty.

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