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July, 2016 Monthly archive

I have gotten really into feet recently. Predictably, it had to be an horrific and excruciating pain to bring about the awakening. (There is a fable about this.) I am now in an elite group I hadn’t previously known about because I pretty much wasn’t thinking about feet before this.

We all know (even outside the group) that there’s like a thousand bones, or something. And they all matter. I mean, they all totally matter. But in the group—and this is where things get interesting—it’s a lot about the great toe. Does it align with the metatarsal? How are the extensors looking? Too short? Are the lesser toes impacted? Middle phalanges puckered? And the kicker, is everybody permanently whacked out in dorsilflexion?

These are all really important questions to the feet group.

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