— this is really happening

stairless entry causes neighborhood confusion


  1. :) says: February 11, 20088:30 pm

    I knew my grandmother should have stopped being an architect when she got alzheimers. Where is this? Can we go?

  2. an old admirer returns says: February 11, 20088:33 pm

    Your blog is sometimes really funny gunny. Remember me? Yellow dress?

  3. monica way says: February 12, 20088:31 am

    Hi old admirer. Hummmm, I don’t know who you are, do I? I am tickled by your anonymous yellow dress, but it’s not jogging my memory. Please forgive me if I ask who ‘dis?

  4. an old admirer returns says: February 12, 20088:36 am

    we went out once……in san francsisco……i’m a friend of leo’s…..you are in big trouble if you dont remember.

  5. monica way says: February 13, 200812:41 am

    But alas, I still don’t know who you are. Let’s settle this like men. Email me at monicaway at that crazy gmail if you’d like to reveal yourself. I hope you do!

  6. the old admirer fesses up says: February 13, 20084:27 am

    Okay, it’s me, GK. Blast from the past, huh? Remember? That one time? That crazy night? God, that was awesome. Awesomely awesome. Now I’m sure you must remember.

  7. monica way says: February 13, 20087:34 am

    I’m terribly pleased that this post is drumming up so much audience participation. Wow. The anonymity of the internet is really playing a good hand today.

    (p.s. Mom, if you’re reading, please stop.)

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