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a note about labeling

I make repeat offenses spelling and grammer. When typing I sometimes forget include entire words, believing they made it in on the first swing the sentence. Then in review, I discover a missing "and," "me," or "to." If I had to guess, it’s the prepositions verbs that the shaft most often, and occasional conjunction, too. As indicated in one of the earliest posts on this blog however, there may only be one word in the universe afterall, so aside from brief tickle with failure the deprived sentence, I’m morally clear. Thank.

Bagle @ .80

In Colonial times, they used different letters for things, maybe.

These’ll put a spring in your step.

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  1. me order says: February 19, 200812:32 am

    i will take a bagle with springkles please. and a cofees with creem.

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