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your saxaphone

"What is truly disappointing about television is to realize that in its vast landscape, there is only one character I would hold up as a role model to you—the Class of 2002—a single character, a lone beacon. I am referring, of course, to Lisa Simpson. I would hold her up for her fierce curiosity, for the courage of her numerous convictions, her outspokenness, her sensitivity to environmental issues. Here is a character who will not graduate—not because animated characters never age—but because, for her, life is a learning experience. And then there is her patience in a family environment most inimical to learning—patience in the face of her father’s profound density, her brother’s cruelty, and even, yes, she must be included-her dear mother’s vacuousness. And let us not forget her commitment to the saxophone, regardless of the results. What I am saying, I think, in this regard, is find your own saxophone. There is one out there for each of you graduates. Your saxophone might be growing orchids or taking photographs of clouds—it might be learning sign language or driving an ambulance. Or your saxophone might be the saxophone itself—that would make things very simple. In any case, find your saxophone and play what you feel on it-even though it might result in your getting tossed out of the school band. That’s the lesson, I think, of Lisa Simpson."

— Billy Collins ’63, U.S. Poet Laureate, Holy Cross’s 2002 Commencement Address

Thanks all for the various warm & intoxicating words to ease my literary parch from a few day’s ago. The above was lent by the southern amiga, B. Bless! I feel fuller and my palette is wet. Off to find and play my saxaphone!

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  1. Susan says: March 17, 20089:06 pm

    Not to mention Lisa’s creation of the word "Meh". Want to help with the dishes, "Meh". Walk the dog, "Meh"…and at times practice the Sax, "Meh".

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