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These are today’s 6am thoughts.

I’ve never had to work a graveyard shift, so it is with an air of privilege and creeping meatballism that I say, I’d like to try living nocturnal for a week. Not to watch every episode in the fourty-two season Days of Our Lives marathon that TBS will air every midnight to 8am until August (sorry Jon, still no Tivo), but because the first three hours of dawn are perhaps my favorite three hours of the day (if I manage to be awake). I need to determine if this is just romantic infatuation, or if easy living is more possible at night. Really, if the work day consisted of three segments of dawn piled on top of each other, I’d already be a double PhD, I’m positively sure of it. I can work faster, with more pleasure, and with less distraction when I am at the computer machine at dawn. Plus, nothing beats a 4am visit to a supermarket, especially if it’s been raining and your shoes are squeakers. You may have to wait for the checker to emerge from the stocking shelves, and you still have to contend with the 11 million watts of fluorescent, but it’s front of the line every time.

  1. Erin B. says: March 24, 20085:57 pm

    No I totally agree with you! Night all day! Night night!

  2. Sean Flanagan says: April 14, 20087:12 am

    Dear Ms. Way,

    A couple of years at an auction in Dublin, CA, my wife and I purchased some furniture. As part of that lot, there was a box that contained a scrapbook from 1996, which had many personal letters congratulating a Monica Way on the occasion of her 18th birthday, and a few framed personal photos (A young lady in riding attire on a blonde horse) and an elderly lady with a gentleman, who had brown curly hair and a full beard). There is also a handmade rag doll on a pedestal that looks like a family keepsake. These are very personal items, which I imagine have great sentimental value to their former owner. When I tried to make inquiries through the Auction house, I was told to throw the items away. Rather than doing anything hasty, I boxed them up, intending to search for the owner later. When we recently lost our home, I came across this box again, while we were clearing out our house. According to the scrapbook, that Monica Way would be about thirty years old today. If you are the owner of these items, feel free to contact me to arrange their safe return.


    Sean R. Flanagan

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