— this is really happening

All our friends

I had a very canine weekend. Dogs every day. Dog training observations, clicker classes, running sessions. It was a stumbled upon, unplanned reintroduction to dog wisdom, dog appreciation, and dog affection. I am growing more smitten with pit bulls every day. Again, unplanned. We’re seeing where it’s all going. No decision to jump into lightly. I am not telling my kitties about their someday future cross-species brother or sister. We’re sticking to jingle mice and unscented litter, for now. (All this action could be much in part to my upcoming move to a dog-friendly apartment building, btw, which is very, very, very exciting, if you hadn’t yet gotten the TPS report on that.)

So here is something special. To dogs! Der Hunden! Il Cane!


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