— this is really happening

time for a little archy & mehitabel

to hell with anything common
Don Marquis

well boss what should i see
last evening but our old friend
mehitabel the cat
she was finishing a fish head
she had dragged out of a garbage can
one of her eyes
was bloodshot but the other
glowed with the old
unconquerable luster
there was a drab and ashen look
about her fur
but her step is swift and wiry
and her brave tail is still
a joyous banner in the air
has life been using you hard
 mehitabel i asked her
pretty rough little cockroach
says she but what the hell
what the hell
toujours gai is my motto…


The last line means “always bright.” Toujours gai. Indeed and thank you. I simply cannot wait to indulge again in the lasting tradition of blogging. Until then and today, I’ll take cues from the cat above while I disentangle from a tower of work papers that are “due” too soon.

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