— this is really happening

carpe (relaxing) diem!

My Saturday has so far been met with a vivid appreciation of my ordinary, ordinary life. God bless my house, the wooden-slatted ceiling that holds me and my cats in cooled and quiet hideout, six flights up from the world. Here we are in our own town, above Oakland, above California. The windows stay open all the time and the flies come and go as they please. We’re all relaxed up here. (Can you believe the neighbor next door is a bee-keeper and I’ve never seen one bee at my door?) Here, we live like young queens married into royalty, stunned at our luck, disbelieving how good life can be. And even the airplanes in the sky must be bowing to us, right? … as they offer their rich reminders of other afternoons when planes crossed over head. Can you think of a sound any more familiar, any more comforting than an airplane passing above you in the summer sky?

And my friends, how great they are to be stop-over-for-breakfast close. Bacon and waffles with fresh fruit compote and a drizzle of warm syrup! On days like this I realize that we should always live close to our friends. I won’t make that mistake again. It’s the seekrit.

Only midday now. I will keep going.

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