— this is really happening

There are no commercials on Israeli TV

It’s been 4 days in Israel already and I haven’t been able to find meself an internet cafe.  That’s because where I am, there aren’t any.  We managed to rig a setup in our hotel room though, found the chord to charge my step-brother’s computer and here I am sitting on a white-sheeted bed in Eilat, perched on the 11th floor of a tall hotel tucked neatly atop the Gulf of the Red Sea and wondering in awe at this country, the beautiful people here, and why it is that we’re watching football on the TV right now.  I’ve been keeping tabs on the events though and I’ve come up with some nifty chapter titles about the things that have been happening.  Here are a few of the coming topics:

  1. The Ultimate: The Bulkhead & New Thoughts About Men
  2. Dulles Recycling Art
  3. Zuruck am Zurich
  4. A Video Camera Attached To My Airplane
  5. Zo Zorry Madame, But Your Bag iz ztill in Zurich
  6. I like it here.
  7. A Long Wait for a Small Plane
  8. Eilat!
  9. Funny, I don’t feel Jewish.
  10. Room 1103 or 902
  11. The Beach With Navy Ships
  12. I aint no tourist……um, do you speak American?
  13. Hassidim and Clear Eyes
  14. I’m in Jordan (the country)
        …..subchapters: Alladin, Bedouins, Lawrence of Arabia, Petra the 2200 year old city, Aqaba, Safe!
  15. More Falafel!
  16. Sharing a Hotel Room With Your 20 year old Step Brother

For now, that’s what I can begin with.  It’s growing late and it’s hard to concentrate with my step bro screaming at me to watch a show called "Worst Case Scenario".  It feels good to let those titles out though.  I’ll check in tomorrow.  Shallom my friends.  Love. and love.

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  1. jiminy krachet says: December 24, 20068:09 pm

    um, yeah. i know all about those awesome blog titles. oooh yeaaah, this title is great, and the post, when i get to it, will be witty and insightful. and then i will have a kickass record of my wild travels, when i get to it. and gosh, the new events are warranting more and more catchy, clever titles. i’ll have to write those down, so i can later write the accompaning essay, when i get to it.

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