— this is really happening

thanks rob

I prefer to believe in, rather than not believe in. There’s no difference really, but believing in makes me happy and seems to be my way.

That was my disclaimer (read: alibi) for posting a horoscope of mine that Rob Brezsny, famed astrologer from freewillastrology.com recently sent me via listserv. I prefer more individual astrology, just about me and my b’niss, that doesn’t lump me in with all the other Jan/Feb birthdays, but this does pretty good.

In this version of me, I’ve booted a demon to the curb, dissolved some karmic debt, and eliminated an “outdated psychosexual imprint.” (Please ignore this last part. Thx!)

Here’s this week.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Thanks for the entertainment you’ve provided so far in 2008, Aquarius. Since last January, you have sent a nagging demon packing and corrected a kink in your integrity. You’ve paid off a load of karmic debt left over from the old days and have even begun to dissolve an outdated psychosexual imprint. Before I announce your reward for all this good work, though, I’d like you to make more progress on tempering your obsessive side. See what you can do to convert it from a part-time liability into a full-time asset.

I’m pondering my obsessions. There are so many, it’s hard to choose.

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