— this is really happening

Galileo’s head was on this block


When I spotted this Civic I couldn’t help but wonder when, exactly,
things started to change for the owner of this vehicle. Based on the
crooked rainbow sticker and the matching, equally crooked blue and
white sticker (second from the left), I suspect we’re dealing with “the
quiet rebel at the back of class” type. Someone a little reckless and
full of pride, who grew up doing the black nail polish thing but at
some point started to notice she/he was happier directing energy
into more positive places (like learning how to harmonize and sing along
with the Girls). Now its all about the 75 dangling stars hanging from
the rear view and the five, count ’em five (only four shown) IG
stickers on the rear bumper. Thank you, personalized license plates. I
may be seeing the light.

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