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From the beginning…

A new respect is growing for people who write in the blog while making the travel.  This task is not so easy making.  Still, the chapters remain the most tidy manner to share my experiences of these past 6 days, so I’ll fill in the content of the chapters making sir.  However, a note making, to honorate the happenings of any time, near or far, Norah Jones or Billy Idol, USA or Israel, is a feat which proceeds and precedes words, of course.  This feels good to share though, so I make share now with you.

The Ultimate: The Bulkhead & New Thoughts About Men
"Score!  I got the bulkhead!"  That is what the man next to me said as I sat down in my seat on the first leg of my trip.  40G.  SF –> Washington Dulles.  We were at the helm of the rear, if it’s possible, directly in front of the large monitor for "in flight entertainment" watching, miles of legroom, and according to my nearest neighbor, "the best dang seats in economy!"

This is a monster of an airplane.  A Boeing 777. The man next to me, the "Score!" friend above, is an airline technician for United.  He works on smaller planes he tells me, but he loves the 777 widebody series.  The 777 was the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely on a computer using engineering software.  This is a big deal I am told.  No paper, no drawings.  Never before.  Monumental.  Yeah.  Yeah!

I confide to him that I have been afraid of flying since 9-11.  Anyone who has been in the airplane trip making with me knows that I grip the armrests during takeoff and bumps.  I tell him about my tricks that I make in my mind to get over it.  He understands.  We talk together about flying and airplanes for a long while.  He passes technical jargon at me and I’m basking in it really.   The airplane industry, the airplane secrets, the protocol, the "Hitchcock Delta Echo 68 Heavy Niner Roger That Charlie" has been a mystery for a while I say.  He knows.  He knows.  It needs to be.  For our safety.  He’s from Georgia, he wears a white baseball cap that reads "Lo’s and Hi’s" (his favorite restaurant I am told after I ask), and he is the father of two girls.  He calls his girls "the girls" and fondly looks up and breathes full when he mentions them, and I like it.  I like him.  I want to keep talking to him even though we’re sitting next to each other on the airplane.

We talk until the movie begins.  It’s a Mark Wallberg movie about football.  We both hook in and we both cry at the climax.  He reminds me of my Dad I think.  When we land I am touched by the simplicity of everything that’s been happening for the past 4 hours.  "Men" I think to myself.  It’s a rich thought.

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