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Rare as Sarah Palin in Washington

Rare as the first bite of cheeseburger after competing in a triathlon. Rare as Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” on iTunes’ song shuffle on your bike ride to work. Rare as Sarah Palin in Washington. You just don’t come across a play as good as mugwumpin’s super:anti:reluctant often. “Using mugwumpin’s unique kaleidescope approach to storytelling, they take notions of the American hero and turn them inside out, looking for what underpins our impulses to save or be saved!”

For the ensemble to perform this very play in Egypt for the Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theatr, my goodest friend CWW, co-director of mugwumpin, has (literally) put his nose on the grindstone more times than I can count to direct the ensemble’s fund raising efforts. Support local theater if it’s good—and in this case, it is!

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