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More story-telling…the beyond thoughts come later

Dulles Recycling Art
I land in Dulles and it’s a quiet calm layover.  I sit and have a glass of wine at a wine bar.  I am seated at a table with a nice 76 year old woman.  I learn this because we speak about our travel plans.  She has 10 children.  It doesn’t go too far, but I marvel at the 10 children and we settle in to our own time before she eventually leaves me to hurry to her boarding plane.

There are cute snowflakes made of six pack plastics (see the picture in the Photos! section).  Go Dulles recycling art!  Always nice to see this kind of art.

Zuruck am Zurich
After an 8 hour ride from Dulles I arrive in Zurich.  I am Zuruck (back) am (in) Zurich (Zurich).  This is the first time since I left Switzerland that I am in Switzerland.  It feels very familiar and also the opposite.  It’s very squeaky clean!  It’s very precise and particular.  I decide that Swiss people are perhaps more mature.  I make my way to my connecting flight to Tel Aviv.  The line for security is silent.  The official at the head of the line silently points each passenger towards an assigned security line.  It’s very quiet.  It’s not relaxed, but it’s very quiet.  Everyone does their job, be it passenger or airport employee, with silence and respect.  Ahh, the Swiss place.  I love it like I love a clean towel.  An old home I’ve completed my stay in.

A Video Camera Attached To My Airplane
Oh this is cool!  There’s a video camera attached to the nose of the plane and from the back of my seat, I can watch the take off out of Zurich.  Eventually I will watch the landing into Tel Aviv, a thought I enjoy as we’re taking off in Zurich.  Tel Aviv the exotic.

As I write these stories a few days after they have occured I am thinking about something my friend Tom told me after he read my recent article on JamBase.  He said it was nice, and he wanted to hear more of me, the handwriting analysis me, the non linear me.  I am thinking about that now.  It’s a split part of me that survives me (Gemini Moon and something about Neptune always).  I want to tell you Tom how thankful I was for that reminder.  I think of it often.  Humans are entirely complicated, he says.  Hehe.

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  1. TittyMack! says: December 27, 20066:05 am

    yeah, so i’m a bonfide blog comment poster. it’s a little different than writing an actual blog but requires just as much skill and finesse. no catchy chapter titles here – just pure peanut gallery snickers and snoodles.

    i didn’t catch you before you left. so i’m excited to hear and read about your adventure and am so glad you have the opportunity to touch down in the mideast. i used to imagine (in overdramatic poems) projecting my form into blown up streets to unveil containers of light. but i;m sure you;ll discover that the newsweek dribble we’re fed in the u.s. is not the whole truth. so live it up! isrealies are waaaaay into goa trance (aren;t they?). what chapter is raving?

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