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The Doctrine of the Circles

Has anyone in the world except for Tripp B. read Flatland, A Romance of Many Dimensions?  Weird strange uncomfortable book that makes me want to instigate misconduct and run out of the room yelling.  But, it has some goodies…err, it has some things that stuck. 

Said Doctrine ordains first and foremost that you must always "Attend to your configuration."  The Circles also puport that humans waste massive amounts of energy believing that conduct depends on will, effort, training, and encouragement.  So basically to the Circles, the only thing that matters is Configuration.  Configuration makes the man!  There’s a whole schleppy story about what Configuration actually is, but it’s not that exciting and I might lose some of you if I go into it.  Honestly, it’s been years since I read the book — thought it was bologne then, and I still do.  However, I remembered the Doctrine today and as night fell I ended up questioning the integrity of the square and rearranging the furniture in the room just outside my bedroom.  Here at 1210 P. Street, we call that room "the common room" — although I prefer "the treehouse" — but it never took.

The common room is essentially the "master" part of the master bedroom that I live in.  My attention to the Configuration in this case meant that I moved the couch to under the window, the futon bed to the east wall, and the kitten hospital cage a few inches to the west.  Doctrines aside, I finished a few moments ago and sat back down at the desk in my bedroom to fiddle with school work.   An unexpected consequence has emerged, however.  Upon returning to my bedroom a few steps from the common room, I feel as though I am still in the common room.  Spacially my mind seems stuck in that room.  So here I sit, type typin, and I "feel" like I’m over there.  A relapse to the bouncing raves of Denver perhaps?  And my peripheral vision is shocked by the bed beside the desk I’m sitting at.  What’s going on?

All of this reminds me of Aleister Crowley‘s "Love is the Law. Love under Will."…..

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