— this is really happening


A friend was telling me that she has been asked to lead a commitment ceremony in an upcoming marriage between her two close friends.  She’s been meditating on what she’ll say and today it came to her.  I was tidaled by her blessing.  It was profoundly simple: "May you continue to get to know each other." Wait for it, wait for it. Awestruck, I stared back at my friend with my ears (we were on the phone) and slowly over the course of a minute or so I began to receive it, and the corners of my lips curled into a big smile.  How special, indeed.  It’s simple enough, but it really nails it.  It reminded me of a Rilke quote that just passed my desk that calls partners in relationship “guardians of each other’s solitude.” How beautiful. How sacred More on that one surely; that’s an idea I’ll probably be absorbing for the next 197 years, but I wanted to share.

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