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the importance of the race

I’m rarely prone to rant about politics in this blog.  I usually leave that to dinner table debate.  Today is different, clearly.

My foot is up on the railing as I sit in my future fantasy rocking chair with a fantasy squeak, atop my fantasy front porch in the sea-swept village of Cornwall, England, appreciating the fantasy light as I look out far as I can see to the fantasy ocean breathing peaceful in the distance, while the fantasy smells of burning wood, thick grass, sea foam, and angel trumpets wave in from below.  I’m possibly late for my fantasy sculpting class with a full belly from a fantasy lunch I took in a small pack on my fantasy mid-morning walk to Shiplake Mountain.  This fantasy affords me a grand piece of knowlege.  From its vantage point years in the future, I already know who won the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, and it doesn’t really matter anymore.  What a relief.

Hehe, of course now it’s still September 2007, and I’m curious about this race.  I’ve been poised on a post about Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Bill Richardson for a days.  I’m wondering the question you are: Is the world ready for these three would-be’s?  Or, is their induction into the running going to rupture "our" chances and force us to endure another bundle of years by another deceiptful administration because we are trying too hard to hoist ourselves into the future by throwing two people of color and a woman into the ring against the 3000 year-old defending champion: white, priveleged man?

Before I take to answering that (which may not happen in this post), I’d like to step back and just appreciate this.  Sometimes I neglect to allow the current political positives to shine their due shine.  Sometimes, because I’m not an Assemblyman or a School Board Official or a State Sentator, I can’t immediately identify if "change" is occuring in government.  But people, government is a huge forum for change.  It indeed matters very much who is President.  (I suppose I’m saying this now to my friends who believe we are really in a dark room and nothing matters anymore.)  So yes, let’s breath in that not only is there an African American man, a White woman, and Latino man running for President, the three are getting a lot of attention and each has a chance at winning the Democratic nomination.  That on its own speaks bounds.

The forum for debate is wide.  As I type this I realize I don’t yet know what my opinion is on the matter of who would be the best candidate.  I’m gathering data though, and I’m taking my decision very seriously.   I believe it matters very much.

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