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not afraid

I’ve been listening to the folky, chirping, aesthetically pleasing Sufjan Stevens for the past two days.  In particular, Illinois which actually reminds me of Ohio, for all the simple, gentle, dirty, arty industrial fellows I know from Columbus.  (God, I love Columbus.)  Sufjan’s prose rings with the swing and swallow of an old, roadside cafe along Rte. 89.  An album that salutes the American waitress — finally!  As I listen, I keep seeing the midwest’s long fields and endless roads pass in front of me.  The patriotic lullaby that subtly reminds me that it is okay to love this country, still, at times, sorta.

Well, I can’t go into depth here for the sake of time and a trip to Las Vegas in about 40 minutes, but one line in particular has poked through the pillow.  I’ve bolded it below.  I’m also not afraid to get IT right — sometimes that can be a big hitch.  Felt good to realize that.

Artist:  Sufjan Stevens
Title:  Jacksonville
Album:  Illinois
Download and listen fer yourself: http://www.monicaway.com/songy/Jacksonville.mp3 

I’m not afraid of the black man running
He’s got it right he’s got a better life coming
I don’t care what the captain said
I fold it right at the top of my head
I lost my sight and the state packs in
I follow my heart and it leads me right to Jackson

Oh Keller oh oh oh
She gave us a medal she gave us a map
Oh Canner Row, oh oh oh
If seeing is right, then look where you’re at

I’m not afraid of Nichol’s Park
I ride the train and I ride it after dark
I’m not afraid to get it right
I turn around and I give it one more try

I said things that I meant to say
The bandstand chairs and the Dewey Day parade
I go out to the golden age
The spirit is right and the spirit doesn’t change

Oh Keller oh oh oh
She gave us mirror she gave us a map
Oh Canner Row, oh oh oh
If seeing is right then look where you’re at

Andrew Jackson, all I’m asking
Show us the wheel and give us the wine
Woohoo! Woohoo!
Raise the banner, Jackson hammer
Everyone goes to the capitol line
Woohoo! woohoo!
Colored preacher, nice to meet you!
The spirit is here and the spirit is fine!
Woohoo! Woohoo!
Education, ask the nation
You gave us our sight and the hearing is fine
Woohoo! woohoo!
Andrew Jackson all I’m asking
Give us the wheel and give us the wine

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