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Tirelessly, a $10 bill does it all

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (a shmancy subsidiary of the Federal Reserve) says the "average life" of a $10 bill whilst it passes through the Krispy Kremed, Dorito’d, Corn-nutted hands of America is about 18 months. After that, it is replaced due to wear. So here we meet the unsung hero: the Tenner, the Ten Spot, the Sawbuck (look it up), a tireless soldier of exchange that manages to legitimize countless acts of barter,  thousands of incredible bargains, and surely a fair share of shifty rip-offs. (Tom Shane, we’re watching you!)

And it’s hard to tell what $10 will get you, too. Might I recommend then, the next time you need to get your 18" tire repaired (the one with the smokin’ hoopty rims) because you ran over a nail or a staple or both simultaneously, that you head on down to Wheel Service at 31230 International Blvd. in West Oakland. There, for a quick $10 (no receipt) you can get your tire mended without having it replaced.

Now, here’s where things get important. The "exchange" of the $10 bill appears to be in service of said tire being repaired, but, what may actually be going on is that for a mere $10, you and your friend are given the opportunity to enter the Wheel Service showroom, a veritable who’s who in the hoopty rim world. For about 10 minutes ($1/minute) you are given full access to stacks upon stacks of rims.

Sit down, Ice Cube. Hello Dip spinners, Arelli lighters, Foose rollies, Mazzi LED lizards, and my favorite, Jesse James lawless chromes. The rim world is waiting for you. (Even if you drive a station wagon.)


A fine item.

$1588, really?!

Note the remote control and the choice literature.

In case your forgot, you should give your baby the best.

This little rim (about the size of a moped wheel) is $750. Let’s get it!

My Friday afternoon journey was worth every penny of that ten bucks. Aside from this post, I’m considering directing a remake of the famed "Shoes" video, but this time as an homage to rims. Anyone with me?


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  1. eeegenie says: October 8, 20071:26 am

    i can’t even tell you how much i learned from that magazine.

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