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Non-emergency Eyesore Tattle

I’ve never taken anyone to small claims court, although my Dad told me I should just for the experience of it. I’ve also never eaten shark either, although I had a sushi chef try to sneak me a few pieces inside a hand roll once. But, as of about 1 hour ago, I have joined the ranks of concerned U.S. citizens to take the plunge and "tattle" on another fellow citizen to the Oakland police department. No, it wasn’t a noise violation call or a rowdy behavior call. My call was to report the most audaciously annoying eyesore truck that has been parked in front of E’s apartment for at least 111 days (okay, maybe it’s more like 8 or 10 days).

What makes this truck so gross, and ultimately what is leading to this truck’s demise as we speak, is its logo. Observe, and don’t even try to argue with me.

chief-tucker.jpgToday’s Monday message is (and I read through the brisk October morning fog to find this one): It is okay to be a little bit evil and tattle tale on an eyesore truck that has been parked in your line of sight for more than a week. It is okay. It is okay. The folks on the other line of the Non-emergency Oakland Police department are surely nice. And they don’t make you feel an inch of guilty. They even let you anonymize the call, so no one but yo’ damn self knows who made the tattle. Thanks Chief Wayne G. Tucker and his friendly staff at the Oakland Police Department.

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  1. neighborhood hawkeye says: October 10, 20075:28 am

    really? after only a week or two? maybe the flaccid one is out of town, maybe he’s getting reconstructive surgery and needed a place to park ticket-free while he recuperates.
    follow up post on how long it takes the truck to move.
    also, why the police and not just calling the number on the side of the truck?

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