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noob runner

Bjork is on the money. There is no map to human behaviour. (Note the British English "u".) But I discovered this evening that even a newbie athlete revival act like myself can instantly become a cartographer and a runner, as long as the internet is involved. I found a new toy. MapMyRun.com is a site that allows me to trace all my runs on a map, name them (this part is fun), rate them, check distances, email my routes to friends (watch out, friends), track my progress, and about 14 million other buttons and knobs I’ll probably never use (such as the "How do you rate your Personal Morale today?" drop down menu). Not saying it’s my new bible, or nothin’, just a cool tool for the new shcool.

(Re-post: Thank you, my friend from far across the big Earth water, over many gulls and fish. Typos were indeed all over the place in this post. All mended now.)

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  1. get it together MONI! says: October 26, 20072:41 pm

    hi beautiful,
    isn’t the "u" the british letter?
    missing you from across the pond!

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