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Illustrations, illustrati!

Lexicon can become graphicon. Word, to pic. Vice versa. Tonight, we’re exploring what my lexicon has done with certain graphical stimuli, as well as the graphical stimuli that could accompany select phrases in my lexicon. (Yes, this is confusing.) This first drawing here, with the flower just below? Yeah, that might be my favorite artistic representation in the history of humanity. I am easily amused though. And a shmaltz, as confirmed by the radiant EK today. Thus, I welcome your submissions to the lexicon-i-graphicon! Send it and I will add it!

"For The Win."


"Think ahead, people!"


The pictoral representation of a deadline?


Uhm, I’m not sure, this one makes me think of the word mayonaisse.


What goes on in your brain before you speak:


News headline: Grammar becomes art, comedy


Et … Le Way "Classique." Je me souviens.


Illustrative work by Lloyd Scott for the grade 8 grammar, Using Our Language, by T.I.Davies for J.M.Dent & Sons (Canada) Limited (1942).


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