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But I’m a cheerleader … of the irrational!

I’m no skeptic. The energy it takes to be one doesn’t make sense to me. You want to take my pulse over the phone! Sure, why not? To a fault perhaps, I’m usually willing to wholeheartedly believe the story you told me about the voice in your head, or the demon in your soup, or the spirit guides that speak through you, etc. etc. blah blah etc. And if I don’t 100% believe (which is hard to judge), I at least believe that you believe it, and I can dig that, and that’s usually sufficient. So fine, "cheerleader of the irrational," or whatever AC called me a few years ago. Fine. Gooooo team! I’m glad to have been named as such. In 1985, I thought my Pogo Ball was the bees knees and I wouldn’t shut up about that for six months, either. I like to let it ALL be there in the universe, as opposed to questioning if some of it is, and some of it isn’t. And although things have quieted down, and I’m no longer muttering hermetic incantations over dinner, CWG might still say that I "require the mystic life." And without question, I’d tip my hat to that.

All that out of the oven, it turns out the rational mind operates in conjuction with the body, as opposed to being the control center for it. I’m talking about Descartes’ Error, a book that I encountered a few weeks ago. Skeptics heads up, the author looks at the mind from a neurological point of view (being that he’s a neurologist) and asserts that the rational mind requires emotional and corporeal information in order to make what we experience as "decisions." Funny, because when I think "rational," I immediately think of a device that ticks, clicks, and exists outside of emotions. Au contraire mon derriere. Apparently the author’s studies have revealed that there are areas in the brain which bring the messages from the body into the brain, and then back. And if those areas have any kind of lesion or tumor, people can know all the facts about a particular situation, but they can’t make a decision. So take that out of the context of the study and the idea is you can’t logically figure out what you should do in life, you have to have a kind of gut feeling, and then you can be rational on top of that. If not, you’d have to have a computer twice the size of California to figure out where to go for breakfast!! Yar yar.

What I love about this is that it’s the age of Aquarius! Find your intuition! Trust the hell out of it. It makes you rational.

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  1. eeegenie says: November 22, 20077:29 am

    tremendous title. you must have come up with it intuitively … or seen it in your soup?

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