— this is really happening

STOP! – thesis time!

I got my girl Kaki on the dial. Listen up with me to the sound of the chaos holiday. This one is called "Steamed Juicy Little Bun."

After nearly 30 years of participation, I finally earned a hall pass from the cooking. STOP! – thesis time! I’m actually merrily barred up in my Mom’s office just off the kitchen. But, I’ve been stepping out into apron land every hour or so, and this time I gathered a few thoughts while I was out there:


Mom forgot I hate sweet potatos again.
Her eyes go to me across the room.
  She is fleeting like this llight
  and the coffee. Almost 60 years old.

She comes at me with a fork full of orange mush.
Big smile, I swallow and remind her I am home.

It’s Thanksgiving; some kid in the house has always grown up.

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