— this is really happening

Refresh into oblivion no more!

My close friend Seofon can be smartly quoted as saying, "All things invisible only want to be noticed. If you give something a name it will leave you in peace." Let’s unsheathe the invisible then, shall we? It is time to give name to a particular modus operandi. Foot in mouth, even as I write this brief post, I am guilty of said action. Call it a terrifiying fear of being alone, or in a brighter light, a tremendous fascination with the creativity that is potentially being uploaded into ether cables across the lands. Heretofore AND henceforth, the need to "check blogs, check emails, check NYT’s homepage, refresh, refresh, check mail, refresh, check blogs" will be referred to as, "researching the history of ink." (credit: Ben Marcus) The idea behind this new gambit being: who gives a shit about the history of ink? I mean, come on. And yet, as if awakening from a stupor, sometimes we each find ourselves nose to screen, poring over line after line, inhaling as much info as we can about these inconceivably ridiculous topics. Just because we can. Just because Firefox took us there. Just because Kirk Cameron has a fan page. So I ask you, history of ink? Interesting, sure! Necessary, not so much. Dangerous, definitely.

To fight this need, my friend and I have scribbled visible reminders on our arms. A day of writing thesis or short story need not be completed by researching the history of ink! No, friends, on the contrary! I already know the history of ink … 


and for my friend, the history of ink is within. 


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