— this is really happening

“It’s gone…. It’s done.”

frodo.jpgMy to-do list just got shorter by about six letters: t h e s i s. The metaphors are thick and plenty now, flowin’ heavy like the ‘I’m warning you blue’ of dawn earlier this morning. The secret to the final hours, you ask? Aside from the Krispy Kremes and caffeine injections? Well, for one, I knew I’d get to write this post at the end of it all. For two, at some of the toughest spots I breathed in deep and remembered the mile ten mantra: You can do this. Running has taught me so much. (Cue Chariots of Fire, boys.) And for three, I knew when I’d finished I’d get to give Frodo and Sam their rightful due praise. Swearly and squarly, those two Hobbitses really were my mascots in the final hour.

It's gone . . . it's done.

SAM looks down at FRODO ... FRODO'S FACE is at PEACE ...
his BURDEN destroyed...

Yes, Mr. Frodo ... it's over now.

FRODO and SAM crawl onto a ROCK as LAVA streams towards
them . . . in seconds THEIR ROCK is an island in a sea

FRODO shuts his eyes . . .

I can see the Shire ... The Brandywine
River, Bag End, Gandalf's fireworks . . .
the lights in the Party Tree . . .

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  1. :) says: December 10, 20077:39 am

    You’re such a rockstar. 🙂 🙂

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